Thursday, 30 October 2014

KAY MARSHALL writes: Wednesday was key populations day at the HIVR4P conference. Key population is HIV jargon for groups that have disproportionately high rates of HIV infection – so groups that might be more at risk for HIV infection.

The morning plenary sessions focused on HIV prevention needs of key populations, human rights and making sure research works for these groups.

An afternoon session on “Good Participatory Practices” in HIV prevention research focused on the nuts and bolts of engaging communities – including key populations – in research.

The end of the day brought a sometimes impassioned, but always informative discussion among advocates, representatives of key populations (gay men, sex workers, people who use drugs) and the media about working together.

A message for the media

A Nigerian activist in the Good Participatory Practices session makes a point about the need for researchers to support gay men and others at risk of violence

Advice from Ugandan activists to western activists on responding to the anti-gay law in Uganda.
Beautiful and fierce women featured in trial recruitment materials for HIV vaccine trials in the US
Some Liberia church ministers are using ebola to stir up homophobia

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